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Clipping Path service

A Complete Solution for Image Retouching Services

We are an offshore company with a highly skilled design team offering the best Photoshop services such as clipping, masking, retouching, restoration, conversion, and manipulation of images. Clipping path, also known as deep etch or silo, is a photo editing technique. It creates a path around the subject of the image to remove the background. We need to create the paths as a primary requirement for different kinds of image editing services.

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We offer a free trial and deliver within one hour. Clients evaluate our quality and capacity.

Price quotation

We provide customized price quotation after assessing the client’s requirements.


An agreement is signed based on the terms and conditions to protect the interest of both parties

Work exchange

Clients share the raw files, we deliver the images after necessary edits, clients review ...

Invoice and payment

We creativeclippingpath generate the invoice and get the payments.
Our Strength

We have a highly skilled team of experts who are professionals in graphic design. This gives us the ability to provide all kinds of image processing services all over the world. As an established photo editing service provider, it is working 24/7 meaning at any time, all year round. Thus, we ensure the best of services wherever and whenever.

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Client Support

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Your Satisfaction

Why Choose Us

“Creativity with Excellence” that is our motto. Provide consumer the ultimate satisfaction is our priority. After choosing you will get absolute economic price. Our express delivery system and 24/7 dedicated live support team always ready to give you quick solution with active response guaranteed.

We are big. A huge team of experienced photo editors is the core of our strength. We also have a standby team to support emergency calls.

We do not only provide you photo editing service. You are getting a complete package from us that generates maximum value for your money.

We will deliver your work within 24 hours. If you have urgency, then the turnaround time can be shortened to a few hours.

We have a dedicated customer support team who are waiting for your query. Our average response time is 5 minutes.

We never compromise the quality. To ensure all the instructions are met, we have three-step quality checking where we check 100% of the images before delivery

Our operation never stops. To ensure timely delivery, we keep our work live 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

we are serving in the photo editing industry for around 8 years. Some of our image editing artists have 10+ years of experience.

We never stop learning. Our skilled retouchers get 3 days of mandatory training each month to update themselves continuously. Therefore, we never lag behind

Our Creative Clipping Path & Image Editing Services

As a responsible business, our goal is simple – your satisfaction! Send us your images with your set of instructions and our experts will get to work immediately to have the images ready for your use as soon as possible. You can rest assured that once provided to us, your images will be safe, secured, and be prepared exactly according to your requirements.


We take our task with high priority and ensure that whole task is done with dedication regardless of the size of the project or its costs. The following are a brief overview of all our services:


Clipping Path

Our clipping service is provided using the Photoshop Pen Tool for....

Multi Clipping Path
Multi Clipping Path

Multi Clipping Path

We provide all sorts of clipping, multi clipping, background...


Image Masking

It is often the case that good photos are ruined by obstacles or due to...


Shadow Service

For businesses requiring the display of products, it is crucial that...


Photo retouching

Photo retouching services require stunning work in detailing....


Exposure Correction

Many times images do not show the true colors of an object or person...


Image Compositing

The creativity in combining multiple images to bring out one....


Neck Joint

The most common and appealing technique in recent times ...

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We offer affordable price starting from $0.29 USD per image for Photoshop clipping path and other photo retouching services including manipulation, shading, vector conversion etc.

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  • These prices are just a basic guide, we highly recommend that you get a personalised quote from us rather than relying on these, because you might be eligible for better prices

  • The above prices are for clipping path service only. If you need any other service please request a quote.

  • Terms and conditions apply.

Our Guarantee

Our expert team of graphic design specialists is able to provide 100% efficient service online and is available to build a trusting working relationship with you. Here at Creative Clipping Path, we focus on two major factors for all our services:

Regardless of your order size, urgency for delivery, or complexity of work, we are fully equipped to offer you with the best quality of work within the due date to give you the quickest delivery amongst our competitors. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

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Good Quality
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Why we need it?

Creating clipping paths is important for various reasons. In the era of ecommerce, we must need to remove the background of the product image to enhance the appeal. For this purpose, we create a path around the subject to cut it out from the image. We may also need to change the color of a specific portion of the subject. In this case, we also need to create a path to select the part of the photo on which we want to work with.

Who need this service?

Ecommerce businesses?

Today’s world is becoming digital day by day. Our customers are looking for products online. Therefore, setting up a stunning e-commerce business is vital. Your customers are not going to see the product in person while they are purchasing it online. Therefore, you must display your product with ravishing images. Here comes the importance of clipping path service. To improve the quality of the image, you may need to remove the background or enhance the color. All these works need clipping paths.

Online retailers

The buying behavior of the customers is changing with the advancement of technology. We are inclining to online shopping day by day. If you are running an online retail shop, then displaying the products with the perfect images is important to you. Your customers are going to make their decisions based on the products that you display online. To display the image of the product removing the background, changing the color, recoloring the product images, and other image editing purposes, you need a high-end clipping path service.

Photographers and photographic studios

Both individual photographers and photographic studios need clipping path service for various reasons. Firstly, outsourcing a clipping path company is very much cost-effective. The companies work with bulk images. Therefore, they can provide cheap clipping path services. With the dedicated editing team, they can deliver the photos within a few hours. Therefore, it adds a lot of value to the photography industry.

Newspapers and books publishing houses

Newspapers, books, and magazine publishers require high-end image editing services. Deep etching service ensures the required quality for the images before printing and publishing. Therefore, instead of doing it by the in-house team, hiring an offshore image cut out service provider is cheaper and time-saving.

Why should you outsource us as a professional clipping path service provider company?

For image cut out, you need to create a clipping path or layer mask. It is a time-consuming task that requires frequent clicking and zooming. If you are not good at photoshop or illustrator, then it is going to be boring for you. Therefore, if you outsource us, we can save your time (and ultimately money) by delivering the photos within a few hours.

We are specialist in image editing –

if you are running an e-commerce business, then image editing is not your core job. Therefore, establishing an in-house image editing team will going to be difficult for you. It will lead you astray from your core business and make your life hell.

We save your money –

hiring a team of specialist image editor will cost you a lot of money. On the other hand, if you hire us, your cost per editing per image will be at least 50% less than doing it by the in-house team.

Fast delivery –

how much time should it take if you do the clipping path of the bulk images by yourself? We have a team of expert image editors who can deliver your work within a few hours. Our standard delivery turnaround time is 24 hours. We are by far faster than you. It saves you a lot of time. Every second account for money right?

FAQ – Commonly asked questions

What is image clipping?

It is the process of cutting out an object or product from an image to edit them in the post production. This technique makes it possible to extract or remove the desired object from the image for post processing.

How do you create clipping path?

Our expert dextop publishers (DTP) create the vector paths manually using the right image editing software surrounding the objects. Thus, they can clip out the objects to remove the background or make necessary improvements and enhancements.

Why we need image clipping?

Image clipping is a prerequisite for almost any kind of image editing service. Whether you need background removal, retouching or recoloring service, you need to create clipping path around the object.

Do you have any rush delivery service?

We value your urgency. If you are in a rush, then we can deliver the images within few hours.

What is your daily capacity?

We can process up to 20,000 photos a day if it requires simple clipping path. If it requires complex or compound paths, then we can deliver around 10,000 to 15,000 photos a day

Can you offer bulk image editing service?

We have a team of more than 400 expert image artists who are working on thousands of photos a day. On top of that, we always run our operation at 80% capacity to meet the urgency and bulk order requirements from our esteemed clients.

What if I am not satisfied?

You can review all the images to check whether we have followed the instructions before accepting. If you are not satisfied, we will rework and make the necessary changes.

Why outsource creative clipping path?

Outsourcing a clipping path company will save you a lot of time and money. If you want to do more in less time, then it is better to hire an expert photo editing company. But it is difficult to find a service provider who maintains the quality at the cheapest possible price.

Creative Clipping Path is working in the image editing industry for more than 8 years. We have around 400 professional DTP who are serving our clients around the clock. We are specialized in all kinds of image editing such as background removal, shadow effect, retouching, color correction, vectorization, masking, and so on. Do you have a bulk project or emergency digital image editing needs? Get a free trial and explore our capability.

Our passion for achieving perfection with photo is pursued by skilled professionals offered to consumers for affordable prices using cutting-edge technological tools, systems and devices.